What is Life Coaching?


I’m beginning to get the feeling that a lot of people see Life Coaching as just another fad brought over from America. To be honest, the recent boom of coaches has grown in the UK due to the huge success of coaching in America, but if it wasn’t truly helping people it never would have taken off.

There is no one starting place for life coaching but self-development has been in our psyche since life began. Without it we would have become extinct a very long time ago. Imagine cave men having no desire to learn how to build a fire or how to feed themselves. Progression of ourselves is a thing of necessity and tends to stop as soon as we leave school.

So what is Life Coaching? well contrary to popular belief it’s not about being told what to do in order to achieve your goals,hopes or dreams. If you want to be told what to do, find yourself a mentor or just ask your Mum! Coaching is different , coaching gives you time to talk, time to explore what you really want in life, time to remind yourself of your strengths, time to work out how to overcome your blockers and most importantly time to take action. Your coach becomes your supporter, your confidante and your biggest fan. All your coach wants is for you to achieve success in whatever way success means to you. Through powerful questions, space to learn and reflection you will pretty quickly find your confidence growing, your enthusiasm for life or business soaring and your energy sky rocketing. who wouldn’t want that?

Life Coaching doesn’t look back at any past trauma or issues. If you have some troublesome baggage maybe go and see a counselor first. You need to be really ready for change, really ready to move out of your comfort zone. Coaching is all about moving forward, making a change and stretching yourself with your coach by your side, cheering you on.

My one word of warning is please check your coach has had training and holds a qualification. Unfortunately anyone can call themselves a coach, hence the reason you are seeing the title everywhere. My training with The Coaching Academy was superb and changed my life completely. I’ve worked for some big corporate companies in my past where coaching my employee’s was an everyday part of life, but actually I learnt so much more in how to get the best out of people and how to get people moving in a positive direction again.

If you feel stuck in your life, sick of your comfort zone or have an over whelming dream but just don’t know how to achieve it, then a Life Coach could well be your answer. What could you and your life gain from having a coach?

visit http://www.danielastones.co.uk for more information or call me on 07948 685680.

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