5 tips to change your All or Nothing Approach

Does this sound like you?

You really really want to achieve something. But for some reason you do nothing for ages and then suddenly something takes over you(you become a person possessed) and then throw yourself in 1 billion %. You start all guns a blazing, you go from zero to hero and then, BAM! you just stop dead. You beat yourself up, call yourself a failure, lose your confidence, hate yourself even more and for some crazy reason you find yourself wanting to achieve that goal even more. This time though, it seems even further away and so that vicious cycle continues.

This self sabotaging behaviour is certainly not uncommon. I have seen it with many of my clients, especially those that want to lose weight. My clients come to me exhausted, with zero confidence and feel like complete failures. Well, they are so wrong, they are in fact winners. They have made the incredibly brave first step and gone and sought out help.

Here are some of my top tips to overcome this mindset.

  1. Think about sustainability. To achieve something in life and then maintain it, it has to be sustainable. This is going to be for life, so converting to a juice diet will just not cut the mustard. Think about making small changes to your current way of life. Slow it down and take teeny tiny steps. Anything drastic and you will be right back at square one.
  2. Set realistic goals. One thing I have learnt over the years as a coach is that we want to achieve to much to quickly. Everything seems to take much longer then we imagine, so when we set a goal and don’t achieve it we feel like we have failed and give up. Set daily or weekly goals, give yourself lots of wriggle room and who knows you may even achieve more than you bargained for. Remember our lives are super busy so things just naturally take longer and our energy levels our lower.
  3. Don’t eliminate anything from your plan that brings you JOY! It just won’t work. It will just get you craving and before you know it you are on a super binge. Allow yourself the joy but just cut it down, moderate it but do not eliminate.
  4. Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep reminding yourself WHY you are doing this. How happy will you feel when you have achieved your goal? ecstatic, i’m sure. If you’re visual do yourself a vision board. If you’re auditory listen to recordings that keep you strong. If you’re tactile have something that you can touch to remind you of your WHY.
  5. If you really really want to make this happen but keep going round in circles then get yourself some support. A life coach will help you with your vision, your goal, your plans, your mindset, your actions and be there for you. Think of it as having your own personal cheerleader cheering you on from the sidelines but also making sure you find your way to success.

Good luck on your journey to your goal x

Daniela Stones is a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist based in Farnborough, Hampshire. For more information or to work with her visit http://www.danielastones.co.uk or email info@danielastones.co.uk

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