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How my need for routine stopped me in my tracks

running-498257_1280I’m a busy Mum to six year old twins still learning to juggle everything at once. I was becoming really frustrated with one of my goals that I just could not move forward on. I want to get fit, healthy and toned for me but also for my kids. As they grow at the speed of light, I find it harder to keep up and almost impossible to pick them up now. I’m also really aware that I’m an older Mum who just wants to live as long as I can, and be there for them for as long as I possibly can.

My motivation was there and I had a plan. A plan I thought was realistic and achievable, but oh no it wasn’t. what I hadn’t even realised was, that my need for routine just stops me in my tracks if I can’t find a routine. I wanted so badly to follow my plan and exercise on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, fits in perfectly and to me looks and sounds just perfect. But life, or my life anyway just doesn’t work like that. Kids sickness, clients, deadlines, events and more just make it impossible for me to find a routine.

I had a breakthrough whilst on holiday, time out to reflect and to re-evaluate. I was actually thinking about some of my clients and their blockers when it suddenly dawned on me what mine was. My need for routine was so bad it was stopping me from doing any exercise at all, nada, zilch, nothing. Just that realization has allowed me to start moving again. I exercise when I can now and do whatever I can. Some days I can only fit in a short brisk walk and other days I can make it to a class. My new motto is “anything is better than Nothing” and so far its working a treat.

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